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Some background on was created by a photographer to help photographers world wide.

Find Photographer talent quickly, worldwide. Photo Buyers from Paris France to New York City, and from Los Angeles to Melbourne, benefit from the quick access to photography talent that the global search capabilities of provides. An advertising Art director in London can find a Chicago photographer or an architectural Photographer in Houston, Texas, Singapore, or Zurich, Germany. Or a fashion Photographer in Paris, France or Milan, Italy. Or even Bozeman, Montana if needed. With 20,000 photographers listed in the photography directory you can find the photographer you need, any where on the globe.  Anywhere you want.

Originally, Photographers index was set up for high end commercial and advertising photographers who create the photographic images used in high end advertising, industry, and corporate use. The goal was to list every photographer in the world so that users of photography could find the photographers whose work they wanted to publish, even if they only had a copyright notice or credit line to find them.  

The photographers Index directory has grown to include local photographers as well, and photographers Index became a popular photo directory for buyers to find photographers for photo assignments.  The global search returns the top photographers that match the photographer search criteria entered by the photo buyer. And it finds photographers very fast. usually with one second.

Now, with the threat of Orphan Works legislation in the USA the copyright works of professional photographers and authors are increasingly vulnerable to copyright misuse.A world wide photographer registry is needed to prevent the excuse of not being able to find a particular photographer as a reason for infringing on a photographers copyrighted photographs.  Professional photography organizations are starting to take on this task, but with 20,000+ photographers around the world Photographers Index has a huge head start in this effort. PhotographersIndex will help any professional photography organization that wishes to align with us in this effort for the benefit of photographers everywhere. This is not a time for professional or collective egos. It is a time for positive action to benefit professional photographers everywhere.

Professional Art Directors, Art Buyers, and Visual Creatives from major advertising agencies to small marketing and design companies, get quick access to talented photographers worldwide. This global photographer search helps everyone. For the advertising world and ad agencies, who hire top level and often famous photographers this directory provides quick easy access to talented and often famous photographers world wide instantly.

Photographers add their own listings to the photographers index interactively, so there is a small percentage of misuse. If you find an inappropriate, or duplicate listing, please report it the webmaster  so that the correction to the directory may be made.  We want to keep the directory of photographers accurate and current, and with 20,000 plus photographers we need your help to be the world's best directory of global photographer talent. We also want to help you find the best suited, most talented photographer locally for your wedding photography, portrait photography, Public relations photo shoot, or corporate photo assignment.

Consumers, Parents, Brides and Grooms or anyone looking for a Wedding Photographer or Event Photographer, Portrait Photographer, or baby photographer in any city world wide can quickly find and review a photographer’s Portfolio on-line. On-line photo portfolios are not a requirement of but most photographers have an on-line photo portfolio in addition to their print portfolio. These photo portfolio websites are directly linked to the listing so you can find a Talented photographer and review his photo portfolio quick and easy.  The global search or local search for a photographer is handled quickly and efficiently by will always find the talented Photographer that matches your photography needs.

The photographers index also promotes membership in Professional Photography Organizations with a huge directory of Professional Photography associations worldwide. Photographers are invited to submit addition industry organizations to be added. Organizations like the Advertising Photographers of America APA, The American Society of Media Photographer, ASMP Professional Photographers of America, PPAEditorial Photographer EP, and National Association of Photoshop Professionals, are some of the leading photo associations in the United States of America. In Europe professional organizations like the Association of Photographers UK, British Institute of Photographers Photography, Guild of Photographers UK,  Master Photographers association UK, BFF  BFN Beroeps Fotografen Nederlan, SFF Sweden, Society of wedding and Portrait Photographer UK, Tau Visual Italy, are indexed. These photo groups and many other professional photography organizations are indexed for easy access.  see the page on Professional Associations.

We currently have over 20,000 listing from photographers all over the globe, with each listing "hot linked" to the photographer's portfolio website, so you can view photo portfolios with a single click. These photographers cover the globe with enormous representation in the directory. There are not just a few photographers, there are many photographers in every major market city worldwide. Here are some examples of the number of photographers in the directory by city locations.

Here is a small sampling of the photo talent :

In Albany, New York we have 86 photographers in the photography directory.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico we have 60 Photographers currently listed in the directory.

In Washington DC we have 285 Photographers in the directory, Many with White House and United States Government credentials.

New York, NY use of tops the list with 1,045 Commercial and Advertising Photographers in the directory.

Bucharest, Romania has 38 photographers listed in the directory

Barcelona, Spain has 54 Photographers listed in the directory .

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil has 43 photographers listed in the directory.

Lahaina, Hawaii has 5 photographers listed in the directory.

In Zurich, Germany we have 89 Photographers in the directory.

It is also possible to do a global photography search of photo specialties, For example, the Photographer directory has 3604 fine art photographer listed. If you see a great photograph in a fine art gallery or magazine, you can probably fine the photographer in the photographer Index directory.


The connects the photographer and the photo buyer instantly and free.

In addition to connecting photographers and photo buyers, Photographers Index also provides useful information for professionals in the Photo Industry.

Stock Photography: Many of the photographers listed in Photographers Index shoot images for stock photography. Many have their own stock photography websites. These Stock Images can be purchased for commercial use directly from the photographer or through the Photographer's Rep (representative) or stock photo agency. Often the images are with huge stock photo agencies like Getty Images, Corbis stock images, Jupiter Images and other stock agencies worldwide.

The Stock Photo Price Calculator helps these professional stock Photographers, and the stock photo buyers agree on fair pricing for the stock images by instantly calculating the high, low, and average price for licensing of stock images for three categories of photo use; advertising photography, corporate photography, and editorial photography use.

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Actors, Actresses, and Models looking for Professional Photographers to work with for model portfolio photography, model head shots, model portfolios can easily find the right photographer easily with photographer index.

Privacy and policies of does NOT accept any advertising or pesky pop ups. The directory of Photographers is entirely supported by the participating professional photographers, some of whom purchase enhanced listings with thumbnail images hot linked to their websites or Sponsor the index. These top photo professionals support the entire photo index for everyone else. thanks you for your support which helps keep on-line without advertising or annoying pops up and allows us to continue to refuse to ever sell the database list to marketing companies.

Additional services for Photographers.

Links to Studio Rental Network to help photographers advertise their studio for day rental and to help photographers and producers find great studio rentals.

Links to many Professional Photographers Associations, Information on Copyright for Photographers  and many Internet  Pro Photography  Forums.

For photo copyright information there are links to the United States Copyright office where photographers can obtain US Copyright form VA along with the Copyright form VA  Instructions   Group registration of photographs is also linked.

Another important link for professional photographers is the PLUS,  Picture Licensing Universal System   which is supported by most professional photo associations.

Location Index: For Photographers, movie producers and other imaging professionals needing a shoot location there is which was developed to help photographers, movie producers, and location scouts find film locations worldwide. The Locations index also helps film commissions show their global film locations. 

For the Photographer or producer looking for a studio rental for a specific shoot anywhere in the world, there is  This index of professional studios and stages available for day rental is new in 2008. 

For professional studio rentals try Red Gum Creative Campus and Red Gum Studios in Anaheim CA right near LA.

Photographers Index is self sufficient without using any annoying pop ups or other advertising, and we NEVER sell the database to marketing companies.

We would like to thank the participating professional photographers and these sponsors for their support of this photographer search directory:

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